Monday, October 7, 2013

Lets talk New-Media

...So new-media....

     It's safe to say that I really don't like new digital media. Period. I feel it takes art away from its root. The cavemen did not sit there in their caves on the computer creating "art". Granted they didn't have computers back then but I don't think that's an excuse. I feel that the world is becoming too depended on media and technology and now people are trying to suck art into the black hole that is new media. It is not OK. Art is not meant to be taken away from the hand. It is that of the creators hand that touches the physical work that helps make art what it is.
     Technology has already taken over so much of our world it can not take art too. Everything our world has been built on is slowing being destroyed but media. Books where once a peoples most prized possessions and then are now becoming nothing more than an electronic thing. A thing that forces people to burn their eyes out as they stare at a screen reading words from authors that never would have thought it would come to this.The same can not happen to art. One can not paint a masterpiece on Microsoft Paint. It's not right. The artists of past centuries did not work their entire lives passing on everything they know for it to suddenly stop with our generation and be lost forever. No, true artists everywhere will not fall into the digital media trap. They know that true art can never come solely from a machine.

   My views on digital media remain the same even after researching digital media "artists". I mainly focused on the works of Banksy. I enjoy who Banksy is and I enjoy his art work. I consider him to be a artist because of the nature of his work and how it hits home with me. Wikipedia, which is quite possibly one of the most unreliable sources ever, stated that they thought he might use all computer generated pictures for his stencils. This is a statement that I don't entirely agree with. Just because he uses stencils does not mean that all of his work is done using digital media. Mainly because no other part of his work ties into digital media. Other than that, I have high respect of Banksy and his work.

     A DIY digital media thingy could be created would be digital costume making.

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