Monday, October 14, 2013

Creating Ideas

     When coming up with a good idea I typically like to sit down and just think. I think about my topic and everything the branches out from it. I then begin to write it all down while the connections are still hot in my head. And from there I begin to form ideas. It's a really simple process that helps me a lot.
     To me a good idea is something that is creative and makes sense. However, what makes sense to me doesn't necessarily make sense to other people. A good idea has substance and structure in the way that it is formed. I think this works well for practical things. But in life and in those impractical moments a good idea is a spur of the moment thing. It just comes, doesn't take much thinking or focus, it flows into the creator and then it is acted upon.
     I believe parts of my process are like as James Webb describe. If I'm really trying to I think a lot about the relationships and connections that are forming. That for me is the best way I come up with ideas in costumes.Other times I've learned that you can think too much and a good idea can go sour from the wait. So while I do sit down and think and write I mainly do that for things of a greater importance, like an English paper. In my everyday life I don't think to much and I just do more. That is how a good idea becomes a great one.
     I wouldn't change the way I come up with good ideas. I have my own personal system that works best for me.
     My idea for my DMA project is the I will create a website that focuses in on a different decade in clothing every week. I came up with it out of the blue. As a costumer I have a love for clothes and I love history. So I just put the two together and like magic it woks. I think I might do two decades a week to fit it all in. I will start with 1900's and 1910. I find that the most contrast in styles happened in the 20th Century so I want to explore that in blog form.

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