Sunday, February 2, 2014


Blog prompt: We talked about questions, violence, and uniting topics in science, art, and the humanities.  What is the significance of the material that you learned this week?  How does it impact your life? 

     Violence, questions, science, humanities and art are all topics that don't really seem to go together however over the past we've made them all be able to connect to one another. We started out by learning how to ask questions. It turns out that asking good questions is a lot harder than I thought. But the impact of asking good questions is pretty big. It made me realize that when you know how to ask good questions you can prove points, make changes, and influence thoughts. Those are all powerful tools everyone wises they had and it's so easy to achieve. Asking good questions is not something I'm great at but it'll benefit me to keep trying and to improve my skills.

     Tying together the idea of asking good questions and the overall topic of violence I chose to write about the first I moshed. After reading the questions I realized that I was pretty young when I first moshed and I could have gotten seriously hurt. I could have died but I did it anyway. I don't regret it, I love it. And I continue to be reckless and dumb because life is so much more fun when you are. I'll continue to mosh and people will continue to question it but for the people who love it it's not much to question. It's fun.

     This week made me look at my life a little differently and it made me realize that I need to learn to ask more good questions. I will at times question everything but other times I just don't feel the need too, but maybe I should. And when I do then I should start trying to ask better, more thought provoking questions. Ones that don't just scrap the surface but ones that actually dig down deep and make people think. I want to be able to do that.