Monday, September 23, 2013

Exploring Civilization

      The world as a whole would be a better place if we could achieve the points Rifkin made in his video. Rifkin speaks mostly about how empathy can be and should be implemented throughout the whole world. We are able to be empathetic towards people of our kind. It started small with just being empathetic towards people of the same race and grew into being empathetic towards the human race. The example he used was when an Earthquake hit Haiti everyone across the globe were racing to find way to help them.

      In order for there to be total empathy we as humans would have to be able to become empathetic towards all living species including animals, plants, and the Earth as a whole. One of the main was this is being achieved is through social media. While I'm not a huge fan of the increased use of social media I completely understand how it is important in the furthering of empathy as a whole. Social media is the main way in which people communicate with each other. Communication has evolved so much since the days of spoken word, to script writing. It really is the only way for humans to connect near and far. It will be the biggest tool used in furthering the stride for total world empathy.

      Kaku's video spoke more about how there are four levels of communication starting with how we communicate today and the fourth was intergalactic communication. He spoke about how our goal is to have intergalactic communication and empathy. It would mean that our race would be able to co-exist with other races and have total empathy toward each other. I don't when we would ever get there or ever how. I believe we need to become as empathetic with each other a a race first and then after that we can ;earn to be empathetic with other races and civilizations.

      Having empathy that spans so many people is a hard task to accomplish and I wouldn't know if it was something we as humans could accomplish. I think it will take many and many years for any huge changes to occur but as of right now I think we are getting the ball rolling.

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