Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Changing Time

School's these days are leagues different then what they were in the previous century. We've entered the days of digital everything.You can't go anywhere without technology playing its role, and school is no exception. I think the biggest change I've seen in schools in the amount of technology used and how it is being integrated.

Back in first grade I was learning how to use a computer on a huge mac desktop in the computer lab. By the time I graduated high school we were using newer dell laptops for just about everything. I can't remember ever having a school assignment where I didn't need to use a computer for something. I guess this is to be expected but I think I would have liked to have seen technology not be used as much. It's nice to actually sit down and hand write a paper every now and then.

One of the biggest changes my school system started making was the integration of "End of course exams". In the state of Florida we used to have a standardized test called the "FCAT". It was supposed to be a test to see if we were ready to move on to the next grade but hardly anyone who failed didn't move on. If they did fail the "FCAT" they would just take remedial classes the next year. With the new switch to "EOC's" (end of course exams) if you fail the test you fail the class and every well might not move on the next grade level. It's a harder test and it focuses in on the course being taught. One of the worse things about the "FCAT" was that teachers needed to meet a certain quota with the number of kids that passed the "FCAT" and if they didn't then it made them look bad. So teachers didn't teach class they taught "FCAT". Classes would teach techniques on how to study for, prepare for, and pass the "FCAT". It was honestly the most screwed up system I've ever had to be a part of. But now with the "ECO's" the teachers are required to teach the class so the students will be prepared for the test. And they were smart about how they integrated it. They started with all the Science classes, them History, Math, and finally English. Students now actually get taught the class, the way a school system should work.

The article "Actually Going to Class, for a Specific Course? How 20th Century" talks about students actually learn better outside of the classroom. So many students use online classes to substitute sitting in a classroom and they think it's better this way. The "Uncollege" is a seven week course that is only taken online. There are no lectures and only work to do. Dale Stephens also created a program that is all based on sharing knowledge with other people to help you get the job you want. I so strongly disagree with both of these ideas. I do believe it's important to go to school and have teachers. Anything else just feels like a cheat at life. Call if old-fashioned but I think teachers are important to share the knowledge they have inquired and the idea of school is important too. It's an institution you hate growing up but later realize that it actually helps you out in life. It requires you to be on time for class and helps prepare you to do the same in the work place.

The integration of technology could either make the next generation the greatest in knowledge or the worse.

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